Disclaimer: A Slavery Story.

I’ve been being held hostage for 3 years. First it was Illuminati and Neuralink (not on the same side) while the CIA and FBI were in my phone giving me directions that distracted me away from my life so they could  steal my basketball program and give it to Elon Musk. While out in the world, I was with God & The Devil and were we all being shot at by satellites by the Military & Space X.

They were robbing God, The Devil, and myself of our Kingdoms and resources. They stole God’s time machine and other Technology while some Military personnel, & Elon occupied Heaven, Hell, & My Alternate Universe.

At the same time, “The Military of Westminster” is helping get me out of the area by manipulating minds in the area. They include  some police officers, a City Councilman, High School Basketball Coach and some basketball trainers that Elon is supporting to help take me out and steal my brand.

They are playing a game where they tell me to mention what someone else did or they will keep doing things to set me up and when I mention them they say I’m not supposed to. They do that about almost everything I do. It’s all about playing mind games to keep me confused and get me to change my story.

Throughout this, I have been being exploited in a lot of ways. For example, they have been using my mind to take over the world. I’m really good at marketing and some of the Elites don’t want to have to compete with me so i’m being held hostage.

On top of that, I was exposing a human trafficking ring that includes human members of the illuminati and kids from around the world being controlled by Neuralink. Some aren’t being trafficked and are being tricked into a pre-slavery game. While others aren’t given a choice in what they do in life. This whole thing was a cover-up for the fact that I had been given truth serum and when others found out, they did this to keep them quiet and it turned into this.

Check out “The Story” @:DerrionGibson.com/Story/

PS- The investigators don’t want me to be successful because they say I had too much support. They have been contacting everyone that I know and getting them to turn against me because, according to them, I’m “Not allowed to have friends” then they added “funds” because I said I was going to buy and give away (no strings attached) 100 PS5s when I got paid. They said I’m not allowed to have no Strings attached or have “The Authority of a God” anymore. Which wasn’t a real thing. They just wanted my basketball program.

They are literally robbing me of what I should have and giving it to people that are helping hold me back.

Also, they say this is all because I “jacked off in front of my club”. That isn’t really what happened. My phone was hacked and they passed footage of me jacking off around to kids. The real military said I wasn’t allowed to jack off anymore. So, being a free person, I said, Imma jack off as much as I want. I went on a jackoff spree and they said I wasn’t allowed to have my life back or the money I had coming in. What they fail to mention is that they had hacked my Instagram and sent me half naked pictures of kids which I declined. Then they told me I had to be a pedophile or I would die and gave me viagra & bluechew to help seduce me….

Now they are holding me back for watching tik toks knowing too much information while they spend time with the kids….

Also, they are using MK Ultra to try and brainwash me and have been punishing me for it not working on me. The experience has made my mind a lot stronger but, I don’t want to deal with this anymore. The way this game is being played, anyone that I support turns on me. They were trying to break my spirit because I care so much about people. They are also using it to try and make me look stupid AF. They are playing my life like it’s opposites day. Anything I do, they tell people an alternate truth version of my intentions to mask their intentions which are normally whatever they told people I was doing. They tell people that they found me homeless and helped me but, I had 3 businesses that I was about to take off with and they didn’t know how to handle it that I was able to do it with the support of kids instead of a boardroom full of people. 

They have an app that allows them to know where I am, how much money I have, and more information. It was on the app store at the beginning of this. I need to get out of this situation asap. They are playing a game “Saw type game” with the lives of myself and that people I know. They brainwashed everyone and have them believing the craziest stuff. They a taking kids and turning them into sex slave for a sex trafficking ring that they are using to set people in Gov up to fall.

I’m the only person that realized that when someone tries to enslave you, you fight back. I believe the majority just went along with it. They are targeting Asian people right now because, they don’t believe they will fight back. They plan on enslave all Asians (at first they said genocide). That’s why they are doing the anti-Asian abuse trend right now. They do something and promote the opposite.


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