Brainwashing My Soul. Soulwashing.

You ever feel a type of way about something no matter what? Anything. For example, let’s say you don’t like Tesla cars and there’s nothing that can change your mind. You just don’t like the diving quality or the acceleration is not the level one of your previous cars. How could you change your mind? Brainwashing your mind is not the only one but, have you ever heard of brainwashing your soul?

It’s an old unrecognized strategy of engraining a specific disciple into your mind to the point where it becomes an additional vision for you. It’s when you’re able to see everything you look at though a filter that matches that disciple. For example, let’s say you’re a police officer that loves their job, treats their code book like a bible, and enforces laws not only on other people on-duty but, in their own lives. That officer wouldn’t see life the same way as everyone else. His/her mindset or, soulset wouldn’t be much more pure than others and they wouldn’t be highly less likely to commit any type of crime at all. Compare that to the soul brainwashing of someone who is a criminal and has never known anything other than crime and gangs. Their soulset wouldn’t match that of the police officer brainwashed by their career responsibilities.

I brainwashed my own soul once. During a deep depression where all I could do was nothing and cry, with a strong emphasis on the cry, I was unable to do anything else other than study. Some studying was done consciously while a lot was done subconsciously. Either way, with the help of certain psychology and strategy books, I was soulwashed into seeing through the negative intentions of others.

This soulstate was a blessing and a curse at the same time as it caused me to have anxiety and sent me into knowledge driven psychosis episodes. During this time I learned and experienced so much that I became one of the most enlightened people in the world.


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