How I Caused and Fixed my Depression

Here’s what I’ve learned from my experiences:

Losing all of your motivation can send you into a depression. Your depression is worse depending on how hard you fall, how much you’re attached to the motivation you lost, and how well you land after the fall.

For example, the more you’re attached to what you lose, the harder the fall can hurt. If someone finds a cat in the street and it dies the next day, they might not feel to bad but, if they love cats, they can have a deeper attachment that I like to refer to as a soul attachment (more about souls) which has a much influence on your psychology.

This would be the same if a mother with a 12 year old kid loses her child in a car accident. That’s a 12 year soul attachment that you can’t get back. Picture one further, if this was her second son she lost to a car accident. Imagine how messed up she would be. She would want to blame herself for it happening the same way and would have a very hard to forgiving herself. This would more than likely be very hard to overcome as it could cause her to be stuck in a moment psychologically for the rest of her life is not treated.

Fixing the depressed

In the situation with the depressed mother with 2 kids that died in an accident, the best ways for her to overcome the depression and possible PTSD she experiences is to replace the memories of the kids. It sounds a lot harder than it seems. I don’t think she would be able to do it with just 1 or 2 kids. I believe the more you were attached to what you lost, the more you would have to do replace it. So in her situation, she would probably need to start her own group home.


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