CIA is one of the most revered government departments in the world. Some of the biggest reasons they are so respected is they are feared for past projects such as MK Ultra and they are rumored to have control over influence in America.

I had respect for The CIA at the beginning of this as I didn’t fully understand the value they provided. Now that I’ve had the chance to be involved with them, I see they don’t really provide much unless you are one of their favorites. They use your value under their name and take credit for skills and resources you posses. 

When you think of them in this capacity, think as though they are like yelp off the internet. They have all of the connections and whomever pays the most for  advertising gets the advantage. But, you can’t see anything that’s on their site because, they don’t advertise this service.

What they’ve done with this is used whomever provides them the most value to intimidate others into not going against anything they say. Take the news industry for example, the CIA has a lot of control over the News and can dictate a lot of what’s shown to the public. So, their smaller listings (businesses they’ve taken over) have to do whatever they say.

As far as the bad-ass image they have accumulated through movies, urban legend Youtube videos, and google searches, it’s not 100% theirs. As far as being spies and assassins, they contract from their pool of retired military specialists. It’s not their training. They specialize in information and statistics as they don’t advertise a spy, assassin, or special agent position on their government human resources website. As far as Project’s like MK Ultra and others, it’s simply big companies running to them for help. They hire from their pool when they need someone assassinated, use bribes, or influence from other company’s abilities.  

In this situation they’ve had a lot more involvement as they’ve gotten very mad at the fact that they chose the side of the bad guy and have dedicated their existence into taking over the world rather than help save it. 

Recently since it’s been pointed out that they don’t have anything on their own as everyone involved with them has their own talent or team, they along with the support of a The Thin Blue Line Club and a terrorist group the created labeled “The Military of Westminster” decided to steal everything I had and try to takeover area influence off the internet in multiple locations throughout the world. This has resulted in a lot of damage, including the expansion of ITR (International Trafficking Ring) into Orange County, California. 

They are allowing Neuralink to turn innocent kids into sex slaves for a child sex slavery ring for Government Officials. This is something they have done in the past,. There is a book on it that I have not read. It just happened to be the same situation as the one they’ve created starting in the city of Westminster.    

CIA is not Law Enforcement and are not allowed to help cover-up criminal activity. Citizens are not allowed to help the CIA or others cover up criminal activity. Think of it as if in a “Black Lives Matter Situation”, someone is being beaten and you say, it’s the government so, we’ll just let it happen and help them cover it up. At the other end, The Supreme Court of the US does not allow the CIA or any other government organization to get away with actions like this.

This information is from an independent investigation performed by:

B.I.G. (Ballaxy Investigations of the Galaxy) 

Derrion Gibson, Lead Special Guardian


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