Classified Cover-Up and Human Trafficking Ring

The Story is not on Trial Here.

A Tai Do (City Councilman) & CJ (HS Coach), and The CIA & FBI stole my business name “The Ballaxy Club”, (My Website: Ballaxy Club) and had a SOME kids join a trafficking club. They said they didn’t want me to have all the kids on my side anymore. They have been doing this thing where they contact every kid I contact (to stop me from growing my business) or or think about and get them into group chats where they have older kids sexualize them so they can turn them into prostitutes. They get them to do things that they don’t want to be made public so they won’t say anything about what’s going on. They have a lot going on and are telling people that Ballaxy did it. The plan was to is to kill me and have me to die (and take the blame) for the sins of others as “Jesus”. They would commit the crimes and I would have to pay for it. I don’t want that for myself.

Neuralink (Human Trafficking Company) is heavily involved as everyone is covering for them since they offered them a payout. They said they are going to organize their own Secret Service within the United States to help destroy my life even more and the lives of anyone that opposes them. This might not be the safest thing in the world as they aren’t a very responsible organization. I was also building what I felt would be a Trillion Dollar Company after Ballaxy got into the Next Industry. They saw I was just starting up and took advantage of the situation.

They gave people who had bad intentions access to my thoughts and just pretended not to be involved. City PD, HS Coach, Councilman, The City of Westminster were apart of Elon’s pyramid of people that he constructed to help cover up everything he was doing to me and some of my former players. They thought my business was a sex club because, I had an Owl in the logo and took it away for themselves.

Everyone is focused on World Domination these days hacking my mind and after seeing how good of a marketers I was, they decided to weaponize my ideas. Neuralink is using Mind Reading & Communicating capabilities to take over the world starting in Orange County, Ca. They are also starting this up in a couple other Countries throughout the world. They plan on “enslaving the Asians” because, they don’t believe they will stand up for themselves. They said they will keep doing this until the Asians “come out of their shells”. I don’t want that for them. They also said they’ll just genocide blacks because, feel blacks don’t respond well to slavery anymore since I don’t really do what they tell me to do.

I’ve been being held hostage for 2.5 years. They put this Neuralink microchip inside of me to hear my thoughts because they thought I was a terrorist. They started stealing all of my trade secrets and passing them out to various members of not only the local area but, people on Youtube who spread add details and take credit for everything I come up with. For the first 1.5 years, I couldn’t hear any communication. Now Neuralink has built a phone system around this situation to help cover everything up.

They are trying to frame me as a “Pedophile God” which is a pedophile that has sexual relations with a lot of kids because they saw I had interactions with a lot of kids in the community. When they realized I haven’t done anything with any kids, they got mad enough to lead us to where we are right now. They are stealing money from me and paying out people that helped set and cover this up.

Building “The Story” from the beginning:

They said they don’t want to arrest me because they don’t want me to be able to get off in court. They’ve been trying to set me up for an arrest the entire time. But, this investigation began with them giving me Truth Serum. I would have a huge payday and they said they don’t want me to have money & the support that I had from people at the same time. They also don’t want me to have a business because they don’t want the elites to have to compete with me because of my marketing ability. So, they are doing what they call “taking my relationships”. They claim they made me famous but, I’ve been doing this for 11 years in the same area. People already knew who I was.

I’m really being punished for not thinking how they want me to think, knowing how to do things that others don’t (they think I have super powers), and for having too much support. They’ve been doing everything they could to make me homeless because that’s what Elon wants for me since I mentioned his name on Instagram. When I did spend time outside, they shot me with satellites all night and punished me for standing still or sitting down. They wanted me to walk around as much as I could so they could send a type of radiation into the communities and come in to confiscate it and make it a District for Elon. They said my “Slave Value went up for sending this message notifying about our actions in Taiwan and Syria”. …and they say this letter make ME a terrorist.

They have a lot of people lying and pretending I’m crazy to, hide my existence so they can kill me without a trace, and steal and alter The Story.

Thought Crimes and Slavery more than anything else need to be on Trial Here


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