Elon’s Adventure as the bad guy

The Most Evil Story Ever: Part 3

Elon Musk Presents: The Klub & the club

The Klub is associated with the Klan. They went with the name Klub because it’s a lot more acceptable in public and can allow them to have other races without anyone knowing. They are comprised of Elon, Online Basketball Trainers and a more. Tai Do runs the “Thin Blue Line Club” which are the muscle for “The Klub” when it comes to dealing with the kids. All of these clubs together are known as the jealously club as they were mad AF that I had all of these kids and the community on my side (while first being robbed..they later switched) and was smarter or more skilled than them. They found out during a hacked life Redroom (illegally detained and tortured) session which has lasted 3 years. They enslaved me & manipulated everyone around me to make sure no one would want to help me. They also turn some of them against each other in order to control their lives and relationships better as Neuralink is a slave trading company and wants to control every aspect of your life.

While all of this is going on, they are shooting me with a satellite to shorten my life for not getting out the car on time. Elon said I’m his slave and he recruited people to help him see it that way. They’ve have multiple groups contacting anyone that I contact or everyone in my Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook to what they call, “steal relationships”.¬† Some people from The FBI, CIA, Secret Service, Westminster & other local PD’s, a few groups of people in the community, Cj Hollingsworth, Tai Do, Personal Basketball Trainers, High School Coaches, some military personnel and more came together to help support this effort and have manipulated tons of people using group chats which they converted into trafficking recruitment group chats. A lot of what to not being on my side and helping cover up Neuralink’s slavery movement and stop Elon & friends from having to compete with me in big leagues. People are hoping that Neuralink and this new tech that they stole from space will help them become a trillion dollar company when they hit the market. They said that if I’m going to be rich (after suing them), they don’t want me to live long. Mostly because they don’t want to see the next richest man in the world be black.

This is the group (some members from each department) that is helping Elon cover everything up including my billion dollar robbery, the international trafficking ring, and more. They were people that knew me that are being used to trick people into believing whatever they say about me to stop me from getting out of this situation. They pimp out the little boys in the area who are apart of “the club“. It’s with a “C” because, they want the kids to think it’s “The Klub“. This club is so “The Klub” always has someone to orally pleasure them and dropship to people of influence and law enforcement.

“The Club” is shared by “The Klub” but are primarily governed and psychologically held hostage by CJ Hollingsworth, his friends & basketball training staff, Tai Do (City Councilman/Police Officer) and the “Thin Blue Line Club”.. Some are kids that were in my program when the CIA (Secret Service) and FBI arrived to tear it apart and were mostly forced to be passed around by other coaches & trainers. Then they were manipulated into a situation but have taken a oath that requires you to be loyal to them if you orally pleasure their adult leader. Some were initially forced to pleasure law enforcement involved and were completely turned out using a group brainwashing by groups formed in the community. They get them to stick to the oath, which requires them to help cover up everything that’s been done to me by law enforcement, military, and “competition” called in to help rob me of my knowledge. When new law enforcement comes to investigate, the club i normally the ones that are involved with the “welcome party” to join The TBLC.

To recruit new people to the cult which is the recruitment process for the trafficking ring (ITR), they have members of “The Klub” entice new recruits for the trafficking ring is by manipulating kids minds through fear, coercion, or they are put in group chats and have designated mind readers or members of “the club” that challenge their way of thinking until they are in the mindset they are desired to be in. There’s a couple members of “the club” members did’t want to do some of this but, they have Neuralink inside of them which at one point had a devil character that threatened to kill them if they didn’t cooperate.

They are psychologically monitored by Neuralink and there is normally someone in law enforcement ready to punish you sexually, in uniform if you have a thought that The Klub doesn’t approve of. This intimidation tactic deters them from going to get from law enforcement and to give in to the demands of them pretending to enjoy it(in the beginning). They have Neuralink’s MK Ultra inside of them which helps control their sexual urges and mindset. After awhile they just give up and give in to their new lifestyle.

They refer to Asian kids which are their main focus in what they call a in the worst way possible as they traffic them out of the area and I can’t get help because, law enforcement that comes to investigate normally give in to pressure and engages with sexual activity with a kid and can’t close the investigation or are being blackmailed.

As I stated in the beginning of our journey, Elon Musk brought the CIA (Secret Service) in to help rob me of my business. They created The Military of Westminster, which which was the City of Westminster, Westminster High School Basketball Coach, Westminster PD, and Westminster City Councilman who are being paid to help hold me back. The Secret Service was also apart of it and were the reason they went corrupt.

The plan was to Distract, Confuse, and Destroy. Just as they did in Jonestown. The church was called a cult and their leader was more than likely working with the FBI as CJ currently is. They turned those people into a cult, took them to an island, and had the “drink the punch“. My situation, they told people I had a cult and did a bunch of bad things that I hadn’t really done, and actually had CJ doing all of them. For example, I’ve never had a sexual relationship with a minor but, CJ is doing everything from the CIA sex cult book with them. At the end of Jamestown, no one survived. This is scheduled to be the same way. You’re either going to be trafficked or you’re going to die. Well, that was the plan. They normally change it when I say something about it and “the club” helps cover signs of wrong doing.

This is the birth of I.T.R. as Elon requested to have the city of Westminster turned into a Pedophile City: http://derriongibson.com/international-trafficking-ring-itr-powered-by-neuralink/

His Klub are also attempting to rob me of my right to be a basketball trainer and my company Brand, Ballaxy: Business & Basketball Club. Elon likes the fact that it is space related and wanted it to be a hidden youth sex club program. They’ve been using Neuralink Tech to steal almost everything I had in my psychological basketball training bag over the past 3 years. It’s getting annoying because, I have to keep coming up with completely new ideas that no ones ever heard of. They had “the club”, local trainers, and a couple community cover-up groups go out and spread rumors about my training ability to train kids. They said I was one of the worst in the world while they took everything I had and posted it on Youtube or added it to to their business.

Also: Anyone telling you not to contact me or view my website are helping cover this up. They are all working together to play mind games with the government through war tactics learned from psychology books such as 48 Laws of Power and 33 Strategies of War as Elon Musk is doing everything he can to not be convicted of Slavery.

I am not the only one, there are other basketball coaches and trainers that are being targeted in the area of Garden Grove and Westminster. Some of them have given in to fear since they’ve been threatened or pleasured enough for them to a help the traffickers recruit.

Updated Info:

Elon Musk should not have been in my life at all. I had a basketball program and he was looking for funding for his rockets. He found me and realized he could make money off me so he formed a gang that went into the city and to take over and get people to help frame and rob me.

Elon decided he wanted to destroy my life so I couldn’t grow enough to benefit off my talents. He paid, manipulated, or forced everyone I know to turn on me in the beginning, now they’ve lied so much that they have made a culture around screwing me over. He had 17 million dollars in his bank account when this started and saw I was about to have more than him, and is robbing me while all of this is going on.

Neuralink has given CJ Hollingsworth, Tai Do, as well as Elon and a long list of others access to my mind through Neuralink and used it throughout the past 3 years to get ahead in life as well.

Yes this looks cool to the secret society people but, this is real life. He literally said, I want to destroy his life, make business & basketball club his blowjob club and rob me for everything I have while Neuralink performs their experiment on the people that were being bewildered with misinformation (me being a fraud or alternate intentions). By the time they do realize it, they’ve already taken a blowjob oath and join in on covering up my existence and helping Elon and The Klub rob me.

They along with Law Enforcement and Military staff are actively recruiting people that I know to join their club to help fuck me over. They’ve enticed or blackmailed so many people into helping them that they all work together to help trick other people from having interaction with me and joining up with them. This is where the phone hack and contacting everyone that I contact to manipulate into joining them.

Please treat this as a real case even if you have Neuralink Tech inside of you telling you to break the law. It’s the same thing as having an oath and breaking it when a human asks you to.

Also, I wanna stress the fact that Neuralink is forcing me to listen to their artificial sex sounds in my head all day. It’s a sounds and a vibration that pulsates at the rate of the kid giving the adult a blowjob. They like to rub it in my face that I don’t have a little kid there to do that for me. I think forcing a kid to give you a blowjob is the most loser thing you can do, but they said they aren’t forcing them if Neuralink is the one telling them to go with it or they’ll die (not every kid). If there are more than 1 kid, they just a satellite to hit me harder to make me feel it. There’s a bunch of people watching the kids have sex, so they are always prepared to shoot me whenever they see it going on. This is Elon’s Klub and Neuralink rubbing it in my race that they are stealing my life. This includes, my players, my business model, my thought process (worth trillions), and they even planned on killing me and stealing this story (for a movie). I’m not the only person they do this to. Don’t think Elon being in every industry won’t affect everyone else. His plan at the end of this is to use this method to control the¬†Government and become King of the World.


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