I’ve had this problem where my phone and laptop have been hacked and my personal information and ideas are spread across a network of people held together by an oath not to tell on the group. They are a growing pedophile club based out of Westminster HS in the city of Westminster with additional locations in surrounding cities. They’ve been supported financially by Elon Musk and friends and protected by some local, federal, and state authorities that have been involved with their club.

They are using this club to help hold my back by spreading my concepts as thin as possible in the local areas where I normally train and copying my business straight from my laptop. They have the support of the city and feel as though they are unstoppable. They’ve been planning a “district takeover” as they spread their influence to cities such as Garden Grove, Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach, and Santa Ana.

They’ve been spreading my ideas throughout what I called a cool idea for a district as they take credit for them all. They’ve been going behind me and replying to emails with altered versions of truth that I spread in my posts.

It’s annoying as this has been going on for over 2 years as I knew and then found out it was more like 5. I’ve seen my ideas and deep thought conversations used on Youtube and other platforms. As much as I wish it was easy to just stop talking and keep my ideas to myself, I’ve had Neuralink technology installed inside of stealing my thoughts the whole time.


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