As life goes on we tend to forget it’s largest issues. The main one being how real ITR is. As stated in the original ITR Article, ITR stands for the International Trafficking Ring Powered By Neuralink (an Elon Musk Company). Neuralink is currently the Universe leader of technology and is slated to become the world’s most powerful and innovative company in the Galaxy. They currently possess the technology of Gods and are capable of fully reading someone’s mind and memories and can get you chipped without you even noticing.

This technology is currently being used to control a giant human trafficking ring off Neuralink technology where victims may feel that they are in the most unbelieveble situation ever. They are entering minds at an alarming rate after a botched experiment on me left them exposed and with what they considered the best option being enslaving as many people as possible. They’ve moved into a lower age-range with the goal of sexualizing minors as young as possible to enter them into their prostitution ring or slave trade.

The Trafficking Ring originated out of Westminster, California in Orange County. It was spawned with Company Neuralink saw an opportunity to exploit and rob a local basketball coach. Secrets were exposed that they felt should have been confidential and are using this strategy to keep everyone with information under control. They just aren’t friendly about it as they’re slave trading geniuses and kids.

They’ve been manipulating the kids since inception into the program. They make sure the kids trust them first and string them along for the journey until the kids have the personality they want them to have, then they get them to perform whatever task they’ve groomed them for. In the earlier stages, they used Instagram group chats. Now they use the Neura-Star Link Phone (which was placed around me as a cover-up) a lot more to avoid detection. This was done to not only my basketball program but, the programs of others in this and other fields.


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