Imagine being:

  • Filled with knowledge that a majority of people in the world have not had the opportunity to learn yet, 
  • Just being more proficient in a topic than most people through self training methods that you’ve developed yourself, 
  • or Being someone of political or social influence that has a power or political influence.

Then imagine having a company with the ability to read your mind come into your life and steal your information to sell or giveaway to competitors. Well that’s how ITR: Intelligence & Information division is set up. 

I was minding my own business in a coffee shop and next thing you know, my information is being syphoned off to people who’ve been tasked with spreading it out as thin as possible using multiple outlets. I’ve since then had my almost everything I know including a thought process that I developed through studying and experience, which was a deeper understanding of the mind . It set me apart from others in such a positive way, they didn’t want me to have it. They wanted it to be applied to the knowledge of others that they wanted to take credit

I’m not the only one but, people of power and influence are being put in a similar situation as me where their personal information is being stolen from their mind and used in alternative ways that they are unaware of. These are individuals with influence offices such as the president, his cabinets (including the department of Justice and Defense), and various law enforcement departments. This allows Neuralink and it’s supporters to addition society control resources as they use this technology to takeover the world. 

They’ve had an audio to my thoughts leaked out for a while as they have a coalition of people that have “gone bad” and remember how to do life the right way anymore. My mind has been soul washed to produce ideas and break through barriers people had yet to experience. Neuralink, Elon Musk, and a team of others have been using my mind as a resource to extort. They’ve been using my thoughts in public to obtain supremacy in their fields. 

They didn’t know what to expect when they went into my mind but, when they discovered what I was capable of, they decided not to let me go and have build a pyramid of people who are knowingly and unknowingly helping cover this up. They use Neuralink’s Neura-Star Link Phone and Mk Ultra Project accredited to the CIA to keep people confused and under control.  



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