Elon Musk is sitting on a pyramid of people knowingly and knowingly supporting the cover-up of me and my company being robbed & child sex trafficking ring.

The enslaving process isn’t too complex unless you add what they do to people who try to be saviors.

First you have to understand how people who run these child slavery rings think. They aren’t always originally the worst people in the world. But, a lot of them have lead lives where they feel like they’ve contributed a lot to society and deserve everything to be handed to them, even though it’s not the case. 

This is the reason why they feel it’s ok to force kids to perform sex acts on themselves or other adults. When you think about it, their lives have to have been somewhat pathetic to be in a position to where you think that’s the only way. 

In the case of the Westminster, Ca. Chapter of ITR, we have a City Councilman, a HS Basketball Coach, couple Community Cover-up Clubs, and The Thin Blue Line Club working together to produce local kids to be trafficked inside and outside of the country. 

They have a recruiting process that has evolved a bit over over the past few months as they’ve had to change it up every time it as reported. Since they go after new people all the time, they may be using some of their original methods with new targets.

It began with group chats. They used kids to recruit younger kids into group chats where they sexualized by the older kids as they had respect for them and wanted to imitate their actions. Once they felt like they were ready, they were convinced to join a high level club which ended up being a sex cult. The process was for the younger kid to be given an interview with an adult who has him perform oral copulation on him and is told that he owns him or his soul.

They send Neuralink Tech into each kid to read their minds and either initiate a recruitment process using a Neuralink Character or to monitor your thoughts in case you wish to oppose the cult. They use the characters method to threaten the kid they’ve just enslaved. This helps get kids to act how they want them to for child pornography or traveling out of the country. 

The CIA is involved with this as they have been trying to cover up this situation’s negatives and take credit for it’s positives. Elon Musk & Neuralink are people they normally cover for when something they do goes wrong. They are allowing Neuralink’s MK Ultra to be used on the kids and parents to confuse them into submission and convince them that this is acceptable in America. Some of what they are doing is referenced in this CIA: Mind controlled Sex Slaves Book as they’ve done this in the past. They normally cover it up by reorganizing the details in a way that fit their motive. 

The cults are meant to not only change culture but, create secret societies that help cover-up crimes, control influence, and find kids to traffic across the country. Using Neuralink Technology, the adults monitor the kid’s thoughts to ensure they don’t have thoughts would damage the cult. This includes thoughts of informing others when they feel unsafe or disobeying of cult or club activities. If they have too many disobedient thoughts, they were first punished with torture and sodomy. If the thoughts continue, you’re considered for trafficking out of the area. They then have remove thoughts of their family, friends, and escaping any rules set by ITR organizers.

Neuralink Tech allows the thoughts of the trafficked kids and Supervisors to be transferred to each other via Starlink satellites. Open AI Tech allows staff to program it to alter information processed to each individual to fit the motive of Organizers.

This technology is how they get kids to behave in a fashion that makes it look as though they are working or traveling at their free will. Their lives and families are threatened continuously sometimes causing them to not fight back. The technology is so advanced and well hidden, most people won’t believe it’s installed inside of you. This causes kids to be terrified of it causing them to follow their supervisor’s orders.


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