Elon & Neuralink’s Alternate Universe is taking over this Universe through a simulation app run on the Neura-Star Link Phone. The Alternate Universe Simulation puts you into a new world as the  L.W.O. is taking over yours. When you’re “Invaded” (“Link’d” to “The Phone”) you’re given an option to join or you’re enslaved through ITR in 1 of 2 categories. Sometimes you won’t know you’re invaded and you’re still put in a situation to choose while your thoughts are being judged.

The 2 categories of Enslavement are ITR’s Intelligence & Influence Slavery (3) and Child Sex Slavery (4). People from Intelligence & Influence Slavery represent people with influence in any area LWO leadership need it. For example, if you have a business in a field that is aligned with how the LWO is moving, your business is no longer yours only. Through the Alternate Universe, which happens to be your mind, you’ll be told that you’re “not able to do anything you want any more” and what they want will become priority in your life. In my situation, I was told that my futuristic basketball program had too many Asians in it for the goals, as I was building something big and they would have been throughout the foundation.

LWO has a big problem with Asians as they are being targeting in The Neuralink Experiment which was also going to be a another “CIA Project” that ended in drugs, torture, rape, and murder. It began as project Mohawk with me being it’s only participant. But as they got into the area and grew an attraction to the local kids, they began this Simulation to entice them into participating. One one end, they told people it was a game, on another, they said it was an alternate universe takeover, and in mainstream media, they said it was an experiment on monkeys. What it really was it the beginning of the Asian Sex Club trend that would be used to take over and change Asian culture as well as help find kids to sell as property around the world.

CIA projects aren’t normally dissected in the middle of them so, we’ll have to see what happens. But, this blog and my emails throughout the Government have exposed a lot of the inter-workings of not only, the CIA and MK-Ultra, but, Neuralink and Elon’s mission to overthrow the Government with this LWO takeover, and the self restraint of Law Enforcement when asked if they’d rather do their jobs or join LWO’s Thin Blue Line Club (including FBI) who gets paid through Neuralink protection and ITR benefits from their child sex slavery division.

It’s important to note that everyone involved are not in the LWO. You become LWO when you submit. It’s been at the point where 1 officer or Agent could have ended this but were tricked or too intimidated or enticed through “The Phone”‘s special effects and features to say no. Another benefit of being an LWO member is you are placed in a system to siphon off intelligence and influence from the enslaved through. For example, if someone says a joke or interesting, their told it’s “too late” to use it and it’s taken from them and sent to a valued LWO member to help them gain influence.

The LWO is built through Elon and The Klub using influence and & Neuralink to take over the minds of other CEOs, Government Officials, Wold Leaders, Secret Societies and more to judge and recruit them. With this, whatever image you had of the Illuminati or other world dominating group is no more but, their name is still used (like everyone else they exploit). If you’re in, you receive child sex benefits and stolen  information from ITR as your payment.

FYI: This is a by product of The Telepathic Kidnapping and robbery of The Monkey with a Mohawk & The Ballaxy Club Members. It’s all to get off from a slavery charge.


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