Mk Ultra is a secret program accredited to the CIA which consists of hooking someone up the the Neura-Star Link Phone and using Open AI tech to govern their thoughts. The phone consists of Neuralink Tech reading your thoughts and sending them to participants and reception devices through Starlink. Open AI is used to sometimes finish thoughts that you don’t complete on your own. As they said in their Youtube video, you can say 2 words and their tech will finish the sentence. What’s crazy is that I complained about this exact same thing on Instagram before I even watched the video.

The used the method of finishing my sentences to make it seem as thought I only think about what they want me to think. They have access to microphones and other methods to speak into my mind to try an control what comes out of the other end and what I think about. They had people within this MK Ultra/Trafficking project able to speak with each other but, as people become more informed, the start to sensor their transitions using Open AI characters. When you say something, an Open AI character relays the information to the next person telling them in a way that fits the narrative they want out.

Neuralink is currently using the method above to enslave people. One way they do it is by use of Open AI characters that claim to be God, The Devil, The Guardian, someone from an Elite Club, and others to gain influence in someone’s life and offers them what they call a “Soul Deal”. They Neuralink them has control of you and uses MK Ultra or Radiation shooting satellites if you get out of line.

In case you haven’t noticed, Neuralink is a slave trading company who’s technology is far beyond what they advertise to the public. They enslaved me so I kinda have the right to let this information out.


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