I feel that having a soul attachment (click here for soul info) to your job would mean its one you live and breath. The love for your job would be your motivation to go in everyday. No one knows this but, if you didn’t have motivation, you wouldn’t be able to do anything you wanted to do because, you wouldn’t want to. If you want something you’ll be motivated to get it. For example, you are motivate to go to school either because, you want to learn or don’t want to be punished for not going. If you bend down to tie your shoe, your motivation was not to trip on them or step on them to get them dirty.

I’ve learned that your motivation could be anything. But remember some motivations can be bigger than others. The reward of your action could be so rewarding that the motivator can help you propel to the next level.

So when I say motivation is as essential as food, as food gives us energy to complete our daily tasks. Without motivation, your productivity levels can fall. Check out what I wrote on depression to find out what an extreme lack of motivation can do and how to possibly fix it.


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