Neura-Star Link Phone

Part 2: World Domination Technology

Elon Musk’s company Neuralink & US Army “Klub Members” are currently using advanced technology to try and Genocide Asians (Enslave & Execute a large amount). They are using the Neura-Star Link Phone to hear what people in the government, celebrities, entrepreneurs, and pretty much anyone that possibly possess valuable information. But, in the situation I’m experiencing in particular, they are using it on kids to traffic them or regular civilians to just play games with their lives.

In my case, I’ve been enslaved in their influence & intelligence sector of their Human Trafficking Ring. What started as them using “the phone” to steal my thoughts turned into them running an experiment where they just play mind games with the Communities of The District to get kids to be their sex slaves.

Their phone system works through Neuralink reading minds, Starlink transferring them messages, and then Open AI transcribing them. Open AI is most of the time, transcribing the message in a different way than should be. They take your message, change words, locations, and intentions to fit the narrative that they want to show. This is a way they get kids to traffic. They send them a message that they are meeting at a place or with a person and have it be a set up to be kidnapped. This is very dangerous as the kids are then required to perform a an unwanted sex act on someone and forced to either join the sex cult, be punished and trafficked, or killed to keep them quiet. With “The Phone” inside of them, their caretakers are given their thoughts and if they plan on trying to get help, they don’t get to leave.

This system is also being used to take over the world disguised as mostly in your case (if you get “invaded or “Link’d”) as an Alien, Afterlife Invasion, Secret Society(Illuminati). They’ve Neuralink’d people such as The President & Staff, Law Enforcement on all levels of Government, The CIA, Military Officials around the World, and plenty of other people in giving them access to classified information that nobody knows about. This is a huge Universal Security Risk as the Technology is designed to download thoughts and use them to gain advantages in their quest to overthrow governments. The process is being spread through their Alternate Universe Simulation that a lot of people thought were the real thing before reading my blog. The biggest problem though is, going bad and realizing this was a simulation. Some people don’t know how to handle it.

Especially since the program is still in it’s beginning stages, it sometimes gives away information that could start wars. The afterlife program is designed to create a warzone (MK, Mortal Kombat – Ultra) so it kind works out. After you’re pre-slavery adventure of being able to gain trust in your Nerualink Tech Character, you’ll be subject to terrorist activity or some kind of entertainment for the people paying to watching this on the other side. This is a Government invasion & most are not ready for it. Military is helping cover it up for Neuralink by trafficking kids that that have been raped throughout their World Domination Adventure. Their having the Neuralink Tech get the Thin Blue Line Club and others to help knowingly and unknowingly run everything.


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