Now before you say, “how the hell are you a test subject? Elon Musk’s Company Neuralink doesn’t have chips in humans yet”. Think about it like this… you don’t know that. Why would Elon tell you that his company Neuralink has the capabilities of a God before everyone else? It is not time to put their product out there yet. Competitors might hop in their business and steal their ideas. 

Instead of telling people what you’re capable of, you need to develop it in secret until you’re better than where your competition should be, if that makes sense. By the time you release the finished product, you’ll have a huge advantage over everyone else.

They recently showed us how the chip works in pigs. Crazy story. I feel like that’s a cover up. They were covering up how advanced their technology really is.

Anyway… Let me explain to you how Neuralink is gonna work. Wait. Wait. I know what you’re thinking. Why would you tell people what Neuralink is really about? And how would you know? That might ruin their opportunities in the stock market or might help their competitors with knowledge of their operation. My answer to that is.. Yes.

Ya see. I didn’t ask for this at all. There are a lot of people helping cover it up and I’m not ok with that at all. But some of them don’t even know what they are doing as they have been manipulated by people reading such books as 33 Strategies of War, 48 Laws of Power, and Outwitting The Devil. 

I haven’t put out the information that people really need to know about what’s going on in the world yet outside of emailing it to law enforcement all over the world. But, they kinda have this whole illuminati club circuit that they started to help cover everything up. 

Ya know Elon? He runs the company. He’s actually spoken to me within the app. I thought it would be one of the coolest things in the world to have a conversation with the guy as he was one of my favorite entrepreneurs at the time. But, when he told me that I was his slave, I didn’t wanna be a fan anymore. But, even if I’m not a fan, I still have to do this video on his new product Neuralink. I’m not gonna lie, this shit works!!

They basically took the features of the “Clubhouse” app and used it as an outline for how they wanted their communication channels to function. You have a chatroom and people can listen in to what you’re saying. When this first started, they didn’t have those features at all. It was just me thinking and them telling people what I was thinking. I didn’t ask them to give my thoughts out to people but, they thought it was a good idea to do so. 

Anyway, that’s a basic rundown of how Neuralink works. This is going to be a very powerful company as they are “working on” a lot of futuristic technology. I can’t wait to see if Neuralink will fall to a slavery charge or make it to be the trillion dollar company it’s supposed to be. As they are the leader in slave trading in the United States.

I have a lot of information on their forced marketing “program”. Elon calls it a program. But, it’s kinda a game as described in a recent interview. I’ll give you guys a rundown on how it works, what they’re planning, and how you can get involved in the next article.

In a recent article “Elon Musk says his start-up Neuralink has wired up a monkey to play video games using its mind”. It talks a lot about what they have planned for the country. In the next video, I’ll explain what they are really doing.


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