Disclaimer: This is a real situation that tons of departments are aware of. They either don’t want to help, are being mislead by one of the cover-up clubs, or paid to look the other way.

After their last words were followed with a gunshot. I heard this through the Neura-Star Link Phone which was installed inside of me unwillingly, years ago. I didn’t realize they were waiting on me to save them from the situation they were in. I didn’t know the full situation but, I knew Richard had asked for help. When I tried to find out what the was going he wouldn’t be as open about it because he was being held hostage with the help of the Neura-Star Link Phone himself. If you try to contact them know that their cellphones may be used to make it seem as though they are still alive. Make sure you hear their voice.

I wasn’t able to see through the fact that they were being trafficked by Tai Do, CJ, Neuralink, and friends. They started this trafficking ring (ITR:OC) shortly after robbing me of my basketball program and enslaving me. I didn’t know they were enslaving kids as well. Has I known, my number focus would have been saving them. When I did find out, Elon and The City of Westminster started this Military of Westminster (M.O.W.) initiative to help stop me from competing with him and the basketball coach CJ.

Buried at the bottom of the M.O.W. are sex cults ran by Cj & Tai Do which are geared towards mind control. People (mostly kids) are pleasured enough to make them want to stay until they have a thought that isn’t liked by leadership, then they are punished through rape and torture. Thoughts are read via the Neura-Star Link Phone as they are inside of the unwilling participants to guarantee their silence. They are held for days to see if they are willing to follow orders, if not, they are killed or shipped out.

Tai Do & CJ has a club called The Thin Blue Line Club that he services through a prostitution ring inside of ITR. He charges $500 per month for unlimited (some got unlimited)blowjobs from little boys. Some of the members of this club help him cover up activity or kidnap individuals he thinks are going to turn against him. When the kids want to get away, they are taken to leadership’s house to be punished. They are sometimes released to go home, other times they are executed for not wanting to be involved.

Law Enforcement is heavily encouraged to investigate this. There are more kids being trafficked than I know about. I exposed this in it’s infancy. Please help before it spreads too far.


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