Have you seen the movie Kingsman: Secret Service? It’s about a character played by Samuel L. Jackson who goes around building friendships and making agreements with people of Influence to build his reputation to further an hidden agenda that helps him become King of the World. That’s what Elon Musk was supposed to do as, The “Devil of The Universe”. The “Devil of the Universe” is a title he gave himself after him and members of “The Klub” robbed God of his technology after traveling to an Alternate Universe (Afterlife). This technology runs the Neura-Star Link Phone, the name I gave it so people would know who they were, Neuralink & Starlink, Elon Musk Companies. Their using this technology to do the same thing that they planned to do to take over the world in the Movie Kingsman: Secret Service, sending everyone into what this story titles a Neuralink Induced Psychosis that’s caused by MK-Ultra.

This Neuralink Induced Psychosis for some is worse than others. In The Neuralink Experiment: The District, they use the Alternate Universe Simulation which they only scheduled to take over a few cities is being used to takeover over Local to Federal Government. The goal is a Mortal Kombat event where everyone is supposed to attack each other’s lives using cold war tactics performed by terrorist clubs (cults) connected through the “Link Phone”, “Military of Westminster” led by Tai Do & CJ Hollingworth (Klub “The Agency” Operatives) is a good example. They aren’t the only one but, their job after taking the oath and siding with Elon Musk & Evil is to help cover up the existence of me, Derrion Gibson and stop me from being able to provide for myself by contact everyone I meet and promote Elon, Neuralink, & The Klub Evil Option in the Alternate Universe Simulation to get away with slavery an Asian Child Sex Slavery Ring beginning in Westminster, Ca. and growing throughout Orange County.

Here is Elon announcing this game him Neuralink, and “The Klub” are playing with the world. It began in Westminster, Ca.

At the same time as building his human trafficking Empire, Elon Musk, Neuralink, and the Club implemented what they called in an article, “Headquartered in San Francisco, Neuralink’s team of around 100 people is trying to develop an implementable computer-brain interface” that some know as, “The Simulation” which he and “The Klub” stole from God after executing him inside of me for wanting me to be next. Elon Musk was mad that God wasn’t making him the next God. At the same time they were committing Treason against heaven and the Universe, they were doing against our own Country. Using this same technology that Neuralink has laid a claim to, the Alternate Universe Simulation is designed now to get as many people as possible to give blowjobs. To join the Evil side, youmust be willing to give someone in a leadership position a blowjob in order to help Elon & Neuralink cover up his Human Trafficking Enterprise, him robbing me, and enslaving “my club” which they are calling “all Asian people” for me being an “Asian Lover”. It was used in the same context that they used “N****r lover, back in the day. They call me this and use Neuralink to rub in my face that they are manipulating and enslaving Asian kids throughout Westminster and surrounding Cities. These kids are being used to manipulate people into joining Neuralink’s tech powered world order which they disguise as an Alien Invasion, Yodelha, Demons, God, a Deal with the Devil, or some club or organization they are exploiting. They’re able to use sexual sounds and nerve stimulation to sexualize adults and kids to entice them into a category of ITR. People in a position of power are in the Intelligence and Influence Slavery category. If you knowing engage in forced sexual activity with the kids being trafficked in their Child Sex slave category, you become an official LWO member. The main way they try to sucker you in is blackmail. Know that any voices in your head aren’t your friend. Especially if you’re in a position or have something that Elon Musk or Neuralink wants for someone else, Mr. President.

Know that you must say no to temptation or make corrections when you realize what’s going on to get out of this situation where you’ve chosen the Evil side of the War of Good and Evil Simulation. The Evil side leads us back to Chaos, Destruction, & Slavery. We don’t want that. If you’d like to side with me and Good, we can fix this. Only problem is, they are kidnapping and killing people (mostly kids that they’ve molested) that try to get to me. Everyone’s being held hostage psychologically via phone or manipulation. They’re being manipulated and forced to enslave themselves by the Military “Klub Members” that are reporting all of my information to the Government and are using a video feed to rob people of their lives. They pretend to be helping but are looking to gain influence so they can control whomever they are manipulating’s decision making. This is being done to people throughout Westminster and is being covered up by Neuralink who want to control the entire narrative. If I don’t mention someone like, The Military Recruiters of Garden Grove or Westminster, they have them do more criminal acts or if I warn a kid that may potentially be in danger, they go after them to traffic or kill.


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