The United States is currently under attack by Neuralink who is not on the right side of things and is positioning the Levels of Government to fall from this so our country can fall directly after. The way this works is, they have people positioned throughout the world in Law Enforcement, The Military, and other positions of power receiving fictional information through their Mk-Ultra Platform Driven Alternate Universe Simulation Game powered by The Link Phone. This causes them to react to a situation that they believe is working out one way but, is completely different on the other side. For example, on one side of Neuralink you have a kid who wants to cry for help but can’t because his thoughts are being monitored, on another side, you have a man being told that the kid really wants to please him, and on the side watching on screen, their being told they are both enjoying it from a point of view of Neuralink advertising their Trafficking Ring to potential customers from the LWO (a pool for The Klub to recruit from). Once the people that have been Nueralink’d are fully vetted in their duties, Neuralink will be removed from them for a while so they can take the fall if needed or they’ll continue to play out their live the way the simulation dictates.

Imagine running a Law Enforcement Department or municipality and having a Billionaire’s company come to you and offer you the product of the future and you agree. I mean, they told you that it’s going to make your job easier, most cost efficient, and everyone’s gonna have it soon. So, you went with it. It’s supposed to give you the ability to communicate with victims through means of telepathy. It makes it a lot easier to investigate a case if that’s something that’s legal. But, imagine while investigating, your messages are being passed in a narrative that fits Neuralink’s motives. Imagine Neuralink providing this service for you while you’re investigating a crime that they are facilitating and they decide to not only not tell you what’s really going on but, invading your department and have your employees and supervisory staff doing their bidding by means of blackmail and intimidation. They could use these groups to do real damage like, start a child sex slavery ring and hide it. Luckily The Monkey with the Mohawk was able to power through Mk-Ultra while investigating this situation.

Now imagine Elon & Neuralink employees going through something psychologically (robbing or holding someone hostage with the ability to see through who they are, and tells them) that causes them to “go bad” and after watching me watch Resident Evil movies and “Kingsman: Secret Service” (what Elon’s doing right now) decide they want to take over the world. They wanted to do literally everything I was trying to do and every idea I had. My idea of taking over the world was having a big basketball program but, they made it seem as though I was doing more. That’s kind of the situation we are in right now. They’re running this simulation to get away with their takeover of the Government, robbing me for billions of dollars in settlements and information in which I develop almost daily, and their Human Trafficking Ring, ITR.

With Treason being the crime of “betraying one’s country or overthrowing the government”, Elon Musk & Neuralink have a lot of explaining to do. It’s not the only thing they need to explain though, once they’ve Neuralink’d you, your thoughts go to them. Any thought you have is up for grabs. When those thoughts include National Security information and you happen to be overthrowing or taking over that Government, that constitutes Espionage. Neuralink is a Klan Company with a specialty in Slavery. Don’t let them enslave the Country. They’re using this situation to try and disband the Military (they changed it.. it was between them and “The Agency” as my life is being played as a “saw type” game with prizes) as they’ve increased their criminal activity in this simulation game and plan on having the cities at war with if not each other, the federal government. Before I explained to them that the Military was apart of the Federal Government, they they wanted to have them at war with each other as well. But, they change it over and over again after I tell everyone what’s going on. Ultimately their goal is to enslave the world beginning with Asians and the black people, so they claim. They’ve been using “The Phone” to rub it in my face that they are able to do all of this in broad day light!

They’re also using the Military’s name to intimidate everyone. What they don’t understand that most departments do is that the Department of the Defense and other departments on the same level such as Homeland Security, Treasury, Justice, Agriculture or even Education have just as much power over their section of the Government and can’t just be over taken. For example, Department of Homeland Security’s ICE has the right to arrest Military leaders for conspiracy to commit Treason for planning a Federal Government takeover if they were to support something like what Elon and Neuralink are doing.

Since their plan is for Elon to be King of the World, they are more than likely going to position a Country to win the war they start that is still afraid of their Neuralink characters (God/Devil/Organizations/More) and Satellite guns.

Both the crimes of Treason and Espionage are punishable by Death, 5 Years in Prison, or $10,000. This applies to those helping facilitating or encouraging Neuralink.


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