From what I see, they just don’t want me to be me. They don’t like who I am and they don’t like what I’m capable of. They don’t want me to be able to take credit for what I’ve done and what I am doing. While under CIA’s MK Ultra experiment which is powered by Neuralink, they’ve been able to read my mind and gain access to my thoughts and though process. They told me that I wasn’t allowed to be famous because I was too smart while their telling everyone involved in this situation I was “dumb as fuck” to make people think the things I was saying are invalid. But, If I have good ideas it’s giveaway or sold to other people for profit or spread as thin as possible to help minimize the impact when I say them.

They tell me “You can’t take credit for any idea you come up with” as they don’t want society to see everything come from one person. I would gain too much respect and would have more influence than they wanted me to have. For the reasoning of having too much information whether I generate it myself or not, they have me in this Mk situation where they not only steal my information after repeating “can’t take credit” or “can’t have credit for that” but, have other people recreate my ideas while they sabotage my efforts to do them myself. It’s a pretty annoying process as I have a lot of ideas and concepts that flow through my mind on a daily basis that I have no intention on sharing. They actually have my thoughts streaming on what they call a radio that’s transmitted to people they are using to help control me. They have also given instant access to certain people through Neura-Star Link Phone. It’s a system Neuralink has developed to help people communicate with each other telepathically using Starlink. They’re currently using it to help run ITR, their Human trafficking ring and to transmit audio from Mk Ultra.

Check out this article to see who the CIA really are.

Please Contact B.I.G. if you or a friend are in danger


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