The Alternate Universe Simulation

Featuring: The Alternate Universe Military (Neuralink Character)

Neuralink x The Klub

Disclaimer: This is all illegal as it's a simulation that is used to help the Evil side commit such crimes as enticing minors into sex slavery and competing the slavery and genocide of the Asian & Black Races for Neuralink, & "The Klub". There are people who want this to really work out and are taking it very seriously.

Ever wonder what you would do if you knew the world was going to end; How would you as a person respond in the way of your search for companionship? Would you go out and start breaking laws? If so, what laws would you be willing to break? Would you start looting from stores? Everyone else might be going out to get a new TV, would you? Or would you try to get as close as possible to the people that you care and want to work with to survive?

In this situation, there’s quite a few people that thought the world was about to end soon and they were given the opportunity to choose between being on the Good side or the Evil side. Which side would you choose?

How the Simulation Works:

In The “Alternate Universe” Simulation, we explore 2 different means of the words. The first Alternate Universe is the one that is in your mind. Through this simulation which is created with the same tech used for MK Ultra & The Neura-Star Link Phone. It’s programmed to get you to see the world in a completely different way. In the way of an Alternate Universe. An Alternate Universe is a Universe that is opposite or significantly different from yours. This Alternate Universe is a telepathic simulation through Neuralink Technology.

In The Simulation, The Monkey with the Mohawk is “The Chosen One”. His people are the people Neuralink referred to when they say they are “trying to figure out if it can use its chips to get monkeys to play “mind Pong” with each other, later named,  Monkey Mind Pong

The People and Chosen One must come together to save humanity from The Alternate Universe Simulation Powered by Neuralink, the people will either be enslaved, killed, or will have to live life by The Rules of Elon (if you pick his side) as King of the World. 

Elon & Neuralink’s World Order is programmed into The Alternate Universe Technology which they spreading like the invasion it’s set up to be with the help of The LWO. It’s set for you to either think it’s an Alien Invasion, War of Good & Evil Invasion, an invite to join a Secret Society, or another method they use to get people to agree to follow The New Rules which include:





On Elon’s side, Everyone must be willing to suck d*** and be pedophile or a “Pedophile kid” (rape victim).

If you work with kids, you have to be willing to force them to suck your d***.

If a kid sucks your d*** , you own them. If they don’t pleasure you sexually, they are punished and forced.

For most a Neuralink character such as Alternate Universe Military, The Devil, God, or another manipulative figure that they use to lure you in or silence victims are inside telling them how to react and threatening them with death if they disobey.

Other then that, you’re restructuring your life with other rules such as, No butter on your food or watching TV. They dictate how your emotions should work through this mind reading technology that’s capable of pulling thoughts out of your brain that you didn’t even know you had.

The Simulation is heading in the direction of an Asian genocide through slavery and execution upon refusal to perform. It’s began in the City of Westminster as apart of Elon’s Adventure as the bad guy where he found “The Monkey with the Mohawk”, Derrion Gibson building his company Ballaxy and decided to invade his mind with Neuralink to rob him of his thought process and ideas..

They go by the philosophy, you can’t think things that everyone doesn’t know and  told everyone what I was thinking (not all accurate). Those who got too much information were “invaded” or (“Link’d”).

They distracted me while they came in and started molesting kids and threatening them if they returned to me. From there this whole Pedophile Olympics thing started where, they began this group chat recruitment system.

The adults on the other side are all about having kids give them blowjobs. Some are aware that it’s non consensual some aren’t. But, they have people in place to make sure that if it’s non consensual, it won’t be for long as if you feel the urge to leave  they have you sodomized or tortured until you forget. Especially if you have a thought of me as they don’t want anyone to know who I am anymore. But, while playing this “raping Asians ” game that they started where they manipulate as many as possible into a situation where they can get them (by force or fear) to give them a blowjob, they a lot of times tell them who I am first. They talk about a fabricated version of my story or show them clips from my hacked phone.







On Derrion’s side… You don’t have to be a pedophile. Kids don’t have to be sexually into adults. 


You just have to learn to not listen to what’s going on in your head if you’re “Link’d” by the “Phone”, and work with us to fix the issue. My “Link Phone” doesn’t call out btw. So, it you here a transcription from me, it wasn’t me.

My goal is to Stop Human Trafficking and free those being overtaken by this simulation.

This isn’t over.

..because it can’t be. They have the Neura-Star Link Phone inside me holding me hostage.  They manipulate anything I do or say and copy my style and to grab influence over people that would normally be on the right side of things.


Remember that none of this is legal and no one wants anyone running this to be involved in their lives in real life. The Evil side are going around raping innocent kids and working the Asian Enslavement/Genocide with Neuralink & The Klub. They plan on genociding black people after as stated in the Original ITR. At the time they were pretty small and afraid of black people so they planned on creating a method of exterminating us.

If you’ve made the wrong decision, it’s as simple as finding me in person so I can help you out of it. I want to say find a large group and go to the police but, there may be people you trust that want to stick to their oath will be willing to set you up to be killed or trafficked out of the area.


The War of Good and Evil is not what it was supposed to be.

I’ve been here for 3 years. It Here’s been a lot of updates.  They were all to help cover up what was going on in my life.  This is technology.. Not an Alien Invasion or Afterlife/Alternate Universe Invasion!

Neuralink is pretending the Military and All Levels of Law Enforcement have their back in a way that allows them to have them declare martial law and just take over the country to intimidate everyone into participating in their Simulation. I’m sure The Military or Law Enforcement Departments would not be able to convince all of its soldiers to just commit treason against the country out of nowhere. So, Neuralink is using MK-Ultra to convince them to do it one at a time.

To not sacrifice your morals and eventually yourself, say no to the temptations of the people on the Evil side. This Evil side is not of the Devil. The Evil side is of Neuralink & The Klub using afterlife technology (Neura-Star Link Phone) that they stole from God to take over and enslave the world.


A World Saved or Enslaved

Derrion Gibson


Elon Musk





Good is the way to go

 Derrion vs. Elon Musk, Neuralink, Starlink, The Military of Westminster, and people that are mostly “Link’d” to “The Phone”, including some FBI & other DOJ Agents, CIA, unfortunately some Local Law enforcement, online & offline basketball trainers & coaches, a community club and The Alternate Universe Military (or Neura-Star Link Phone being used by the US Military) and players from my former basketball & business club who’re being enslaved after years of manipulation. With them using cold war tactics (mind games) & technology to help enslave people and take over the area to transform the area while they listen to my thoughts to try and predict and stop my every move, manipulate people around me, and rob me of my though process and billions of dollars.

They are all playing a role in destabilizing local and federal governments and allow Neuralink and the Military to have complete control of the US and the rest of the world behind closed doors by Linking Them to “The Phone”, The Neura-Star Link Phone. It’s my job to wake people up before it’s too late. 

That’s why I’m the Monkey with the Mohawk, a Neuralink Science Experiment that no one asked for. I was living my life when my mind was kidnapped and now I’m on a quest to not only free myself but, help free everyone else involved inside and outside the area from the coming ITR: Enslavement/Genocide.  

Under my leadership, the district would flourish as it would have had Elon Musk & Neuralink never come into my life. 

At the time, I’m being robbed for Billions of Dollars from settlements that insurance companies are gonna have nightmares trying to recover. 

They’ve depleted my resources through the spread of misinformation and fear tactics to trick people into helping hold me back or not communicating with me so I could help survive The Simulation.

But, I’m not ready to die yet so, I’m going to just keep outsmarting everybody and decoding whats going on so they can’t enslave everyone.

Evil is Trending

Elon & The Klub was first introduced in, “Elon’s Adventure as the bad guy” where Elon starts a terrorist group of people that have abandoned their oaths to their positions in the Military and Law Enforcement called The Klub that includes basketball trainers with Youtube videos. Since deciding to make this bigger, The Klub has evolved into Youtubers and other people of influence. Their all apart a new world order currently being established by Neuralink. 

This new order is broken down into clubs that’s main purpose is to help his company Neuralink rob “The Monkey with the Mohawk, Derrion Gibson of Billions of Dollars from settlements, personality, and information he develops through a mindset he gained through not only battling through trauma but, extensive studying of multiple subjects and life experiences. While Elon uses Derrion’s mindset to take over the business world while his company Neuralink begins a take over beginning in Westminster and spreading through Orange County to turn it into a pedophile paradise that contributes to ITR. This area is heavily populated by Asians as this is their current focus in a enslavement organized by White Supremacy in the Military (Military Members of “The Klub”) in retaliation to China gaining influence in America through Tik Tok and business. 

Neuralink’s Technology is currently being used to go inside of kids minds and learn about them in order to entice them into the slavery. You won’t know that there is slavery involved until it’s too late. You’ll be punished unless you conform to Neuralink’s Government issued in The Simulation.


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