The Military of Westminster consist of , Cj Hollinsworth (The HS Coach), Tai Do (The City Councilmen), Westminster PD, and, Online Basketball Trainers, some Military Personnel and Neuralink’s AI character “Alternate Universe Military”. It’s a coalition of individuals working together to hold me back and Cover Up ITR.

In what started as the story of me being held hostage by Elon Musk has turned into him coming to the city the I frequent the most to show me up. Him and his friends are turning The City of Westminster and then others into pedophile cities where ITR can center it’s focus. Tai Do and CJ are two of the largest recruiters as they are able to use The Westminster HS Basketball Gym as bait to attract kids. They also have the advantage of having a HS Basketball Team where they can find kids to help grow through their Instagram Group Chat System. They have an exclusive group called “The Club” which is a personal group that helps control influence and sexualize potential members within the HS program and other youth group.

This M.O.W. system helps hold me back as they’ve been contacting everyone I communicate with via phone, internet, or in person to keep me isolated from the world as the Elon Musk, Neuralink, investigators from the Secret Service, CIA, FBI, & Military (call themselves “The Klub”) don’t want me to be free with all of this information I have. The people in the system think it’s just to help CJ succeed over me. But, the behind the scenes reason is that, I’ve been spreading awareness about ITR and they don’t know how to handle it that I won’t just go away and let them do this to the kids without saying anything. Apart of the system is stopping me from gaining influence in the City of Westminster to make it harder to get the information out by not allowing me to “take credit” and other methods(check out more in the article “I have a leech problem“).

The Neura-Star Link Phone is being used to find kids throughout of the school and city to secretly communicate with kids to entice them into ITR. MK Ultra is being used brainwash kids having the mindset they need them to have to not complain about the situation their in. They use tactics from former projects that turn people into “Mind Controlled: Sex Slaves” that the CIA takes credit for.

Westminster PD provides security for top members of M.O.W. and activities as they refuse to actually stop the activity in their city. Them along with Tai Do and CJ have been given access to Starlink Satellites where they can shoot people with radiation when they don’t listen.

Elon, Neuralink, & Friends have set up this system in other areas around the world recently so it’ll be easier for them to take over the world.


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