The Neuralink Experiment

Part 3: The Monkey with the Mohawk

How it began

What’s craziest about this whole situation is that I had situations inside of the situation that no one knew about. I was being investigated, extorted, robbed, and being recruited for special projects all at the same time. 

It began with me noticing people were following me with cameras and recording my basketball training sessions, practices, and games. Then I had this weird experience with someone hacking my phone, computer, and mind to learn my thought process that I developed through studying and experience, which was a deeper than normal understanding of the human brain that they said I couldn’t have anymore. They wanted Elon Musk to have it.

That’s why I’m the Monkey with the Mohawk, a Neuralink Science Experiment that no one asked for. They thought it would be acceptable to invade someone’s mind and upload it to their computer without their permission. They are also laughing at the fact that they could label me a monkey and say such things as, “he’s not an unhappy monkey” as they tried to entertain me through AI. They were being investigated and made it seem as though I was enjoying the experience. I was not enjoying it though as they’ve used this as an opportunity to extort me for billions of dollars worth of settlements and information that I develop.

I’ve been trying to get out of this situation for the entire 3 years. I’ve sent requests for service to pretty much every federal law enforcement agency, have asked for help from local  law enforcement and even the military through emails. But, I haven’t been able to get out of this situation because, Neuralink decided that this would be a good time to go full throttle with their Alternate Universe Simulation which they began in the City of Westminster, California in effort to cover up the mess they left from the overflow of pedifilific activity they orchestrated through their Human Trafficking Ring (ITR).  

Elon & Neuralink are robbing me for Billions of Dollars.
While I’m being held down with their technology and a group of people who turned into a pedophile terrorist rape club because they thought the world was going to end.
These people are then becoming customers of a growing human trafficking ring that’s powered by Neuralink.
They are contacting people that I contact discredit me or get them to join them in their treason quest of taking over governments in 1 of 2 separate groups: The Klub & the club.
For information on ELon’s Clubs, check this out:
They’re in a situation where they are growing power and influence through force and mindset manipulation using Law Enforcement & People of Influence. This is not the original illuminati. This is Nueralink taking over the minds of members of every group and controlling the world.

This entire situation was about robbing me. I had a business Elon Musk wanted, Ballaxy and he had people organize a strategy to take it from me which included pedophilia, MK Ultra (brainwashing system), Mass Manipulation, and serious taunting throughout. The whole simulation is built on the MK Ultra Platform, which is designed to turn adults into pedophiles, and kids into what they call, “pedophile kids”. These are kids that “don’t have their soul”, meaning they are in the slave trade club, according to the Army. They use it to get people with influence with kids to help recruit for their initiative in the form of basketball programs, youth clubs, and more. They are even intruding high school programs and secretly turning them into Trafficking Entrance Processing Stations for their trafficking ring. Some kids are added to a “sex club” which has it’s fate already sealed before they even join. You’re basically in a sex cult which allows you to be sex slaves and trafficked until your no longer liked or decide to no longer be involved and they kill you.

They have multiple people starting these clubs or cults as they were supposed to be mini terrorist groups that went to war with each other while working towards the overall goal of not only an Asian genocide (their the ones targeted for the clubs) but, destruction of the area to kill the entire culture. This is what the “Military of Westminster” was originally built to stop but, they were infiltrated by Neuralink Characters and “The Klub”(including famous people and Youtube Basketball Trainers) where they are working to destroy them from within. With the betrayal of  Their City Councilman and High School Basketball Coach, Neuralink is able to spread even faster throughout the Local Governments and School Districts. They’ve had access to my thoughts for the past 3 years on a different level than everyone else and have been using them to gain popularity, influence, and the ability to use my thought process.  I didn’t have a fan base or a “cult following” as they said in the beginning but, I’ve been in that area for years training kids, trying to make a difference and had respect in the community.

I was found beginning of this with a plan to save the area from what could possibly happen if the United States went to war with China. They said I was building my own revolt to go against the Government. But, it was really just after watching footage on what happened to the Asian Community during the LA riots, I planned on not only starting a advanced security company but, donating a lot of money to Law Enforcement and The Fire Departments. This was my plan for the entire district, which started off as a city that I wanted to naturally build after being inspired by videos on Walt Disney’s vision of his potential District. 

Elon had already decided he wanted to take everything that I had or wanted from me and had tons of help doing it. He had Neuralink and “The Klub” to help make the District his. If you’ve read Elon’s Adventure as the bad guy, you already know how dirty he’s willing to get to take what he wants from someone but, this is too far. From running his fantasy child rape simulation (Alternate Universe Simulation) to an Attempted World Domination, he’s going to extreme measures to free himself and Neuralink from slavery charges.

What’s craziest is that these slavery charges have turned into what could be Treason charges as he’s had anyone I try to get help from that’s capable of getting me up outta this or making a move to help keep me here Neuralink’d. This ranges from people on all levels of Government to celebrities, and even CEOs of top companies. Since I’ve been in this situation for so long, I’ve had an opportunity to see and be apart of the updates as my mind & personality has been uploaded into some of the characters as they’ve been building this thing out to cover up me being enslaved and robbed.

If he’s capable of obtaining all of this information from my mind, no telling what he’s downloading from everyone else.  They said they’d take over the world to not have to get locked up. They’ve taken over Elite Clubs, allowing them to think they are still in control for now. They don’t realize that they are playing a role in the simulation, that’s really being used to put Elon’s Klub on top (Intro To The Klub) of the Elite Clubs list.


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