Disclaimer: They’ve been holding me hostage for the past 2.5 years, stealing my thought process, and ideas. They have built a pedophile club circuit that extorts smart people & pedophiles. This is apart of the pyramid that Elon’s been standing over that begins in the City of Westminster and flows out to surrounding cities. I have a large leech following that includes some of the pedophile clubs, basketball coaches & players, a city councilman, and possibly even law enforcement that are not only following behind me to stop me from helping end a human trafficking ring in orange county but to also cover up me being robbed and redroomed. They are working with the company Neuralink and are being paid to help cover up my existence so they can kill me without anyone noticing. They’ve been robbing me of my intellectual property, trade secrets, and more. 

They put cameras in my vehicle and home and streamed my life and business activities from my phone and laptop. They allowed my “competition” to copy my style and trade secrets and steal clients and potential clients. They have access to their names and contact information through the hack.

At the beginning of this, they were holding me for ransom. I didn’t do what they said so they started stealing my business ideas and documents. They had a Neuralink inside of me which allowed them to collect my thoughts. They had CJ Hollinsworth and Youtube basketball trainers were in on what I was thinking and had my Youtube hacked to make me bring up thoughts from my past. Their goal was to embarrass me as much as possible. They were already had been connected with the kids and were using this as an opportunity to build a relationship with them.

They watched me to learn from my thought process which allowed them to communicate with people better and build relationships with kids in the community to make it seem as though I didn’t know how to do what I was doing. But in all reality, the Youtube trainers were there to learn from me. They started copying my drills and unique explanations that no one else does and posting them on their Youtube channels to enhance their views to a whole new level. Ya see, the way it works with the larger Youtubers is, they watch the smaller trainers come up with things and copy them to their larger audience once they have ran out of things to teach. This was kinda like my situation but in my case, they took footage I had stored in my snap memories.

Tai Do and some of the players from Ballaxy‘s HS program (my program Elon was stealing from me) and Elon Musk made up a group called, “The Club”. This was supposed to Elon’s pedophile club. He saw my basketball program and sent the CIA in to turn them out and prep them for their new lifestyle. This isn’t the first time they’ve done this (check this out).

At the same time this was going on, I was being robbed for all of my trade secrets and players by CJ Hollinsworth, Online trainers, Offline Trainers, some of the Ballaxy players, and Hugo Ruiz. They had people in the community, going around spreading rumors of my inability to coach, my mindset, and purpose. Ya see, I had a low cost basketball program that came with benefits that included discounted rates at other businesses and a free high school club that was geared towards business and basketball. The group here along with the people they brainwashed using 33 Strategies of War and 48 Laws of power did everything they could to get the kids as far away from due to enviousness reasoning that stemmed from me being given truth serum by Tai Do.
The truth serum combined with a 

Soulwashing of some pretty intense material, caused me to spit fire out my mouth in the form of words. I offended a lot of people with my opinions of life in regards to people’s mental state, ignorance level, social abilities, and more. This pissed off a lot of people which started small terrorist groups within the area which have transformed into so much more since then.

While all of this was going on, I had the CIA pulling me in a different direction for special assignment that got ruined by Elon being upset at me for mentioning him on Instagram when I was asking for help. I’m not 100% sure if its’ a special assignment or not, they offered me a deal and I was going to be able to fulfill the mission with the money I would have gotten from what I went through. I had an offer from the CIA and another from the FBI. The FBI offer included the community which were the people who were being manipulated as I spoke of in the paragraph above and some of my former player and almost everyone I knew that pretended not to know who I was. At the time I didn’t know that it was because they pretended to not know me but, they had been told to have that attitude towards the FBI.

Crazy that I could have so much going on at once. I almost forgot to mention that I had Neuralink (A Slave Trading Company) inside of me running MK Ultra and telling everyone everything I was thinking at the same time that I was having people put a variety of things in my drinks. As apart of the manipulation strategy, they had high school coaches telling kids everything I said, thought, or did that potentially embarrass me to chip away at the respect they had for me on a daily basis.

In Part 1 of “The Most Evil Story Ever”, I mentioned that while going through some through some psychological issues that had me watch some unsavory material. It was pornography that other people didn’t agree with. They used as a reason to blackmail me. I was building this business with my Ballaxy Club at my side. It was a basketball program that also focused on Business that bothered a lot of people because it was different and had nice websites. It’s crazy how envious people can be off you for no reason other than you’re on a mission to be successful. They chose not to allow me to continue my mission as I’ve been being held back this entire time. 

Also, I’m  NeuraStar Link Phone that a few of the Former Ballaxy Players are being used as a sex slave by Tai Do(City Councilmen & Police Officer), Westminster Police Department, CJ, and anyone he’s pimped out to. Tai Do was pimping out some of the kids when he began a child prostitution ring a while back. He charges $500 per month for unlimited blowjobs from underage kids. Please look into that. He has the phone installed inside of him, so he may not be organize meetups through his phone.Technology is what’s being used for the International Trafficking Ring (Powered by Neuralink). They’re working towards their goal of “Enslaving all Asian People” as they told me to punish them for the popularity growth and influence within the community of the United States. While I was trying to save them by informing them of what was going on, the were being organized to help cover-up my existence. They were put into group chats where they were given misinformation about me to help them forget who I was to make room for Elon Musk. Neuralink and the CIA didn’t want me to have any influence int he community at all. They were playing games with people to help test out the new Mind Phone as Elon said in a recent article, “Neuralink is trying to figure out if it can use its chips to get monkeys to play “mind Pong” with each other”.

I’m being told that I have to post this story on Instagram to get credit for it. They have some people thinking this is literally a game. Some are getting paid to help cover this up (a few people got a 10k check). This began with them trying to force me to come out as gay on Instagram and them contacting everyone I tried to have any kid of relationship with to let them know my sexual orientation. I had some gay tendencies and since I wouldn’t come out of the closet on Instagram, they gave my life to someone else and then turned everyone gay or into pedophiles. The people who were promoting me as being a pedophiles are pedophiles. Tai Do used some of the kids in the prostitution ring to hook some of the investigators that were trying help me into being blackmailed. They get services to keep the fake investigation and rape going.

They are all working together to hold me back and stop me from living my life. They contact everyone I try to work with or know and use a manipulation tactic to stop them from talking to me. They recruit kids to a copy of my basketball business or their High School Program which also serves as a pedophile club depending on if the coach likes you or not. Cj has a policy at Westminster that if you want to not fall off, you have to give him a blowjob. It’s crazy in Westminster. They have this thing called the “Military of Westminster” where they are protected by the Westminster Police Department and US Air Force who are giving people the ability to see through my eyes. They’re “invading” local cities as they want the new terrorist Westminster to spread to other cities. The city has turned into the capital of Child Prostitution with the help of Neuralink. 

This is the most fucked up situation ever as I’m being robbed for everything I have by everyone. They stole everything are are stopping me from getting back up. I’m being watched and annoyed almost 24/7. Please watch out for followup emails or phone calls from the people holding me hostage.

They made a bond not to tell anyone about what’s going on as Neuralink is scheduled to be a trillion dollar company. So the majority of the people that were on my side joined forces with the people robbing me and the government to keep this going. They have illegal footage (no then a backdated warrant) of me trying to live my life. They’ve been passing around photos of my naked, jacking off, and more to the kids and anyone they add to their group chats. Some of these group chats are also used to help sexualize younger kids to prep them for prostitution or sex cults where you have to completely lose your memory of me and are raped into submission at Tai Do or CJ’s hideout if you don’t.


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