Disclaimer: They cover this up by being nicer to the people they enslave every time I report something new. They pick apart everything I write and change details for their mass followups to my emails for help.

I mentioned Elon about 2 and a half years ago in a post on Instagram that read, “Elon Musk’s company Neuralink is holding me hostage”.

He said he wanted everything I had. He saw my HS program The Ballaxy Basketball & Business Club and wanted it because he thought it was a pedophile club. He sent the CIA to help recruit, sexualize and enslave some of the kids from the program. They put the kids in a situation where they’d rather just put up with it than having to admit to what they had to do. Some were raped (Neuralink told them not to say no) and tortured psychologically & physically, some were recruited to participate in the Pedophile Club Olympics hosted by The City of Westminster (but spread to other cities). He also wanted The District of “The” which was a therapy project that I thought would be possible to build legally with the funds I would get for what I had been through. 

Elon Musk began with the City of Westminster who had already been robbing me of my basketball program with the help of Tai Do (Westminster Councilman) and Cj Hollinsworth (Westminster HS Basketball Coach). They used manipulative tactics learned from being inside my mind (with the help of Neuralink Tech) to confuse the crowd to get them to join in on the plan to remove me from the area and give everything I was building to this New Big Three

They built a pyramid of people that included The Players that left my program, Youtube & Instagram Trainers, Local Trainers, High School & Middle School Coaches & Teachers, People & Companies of influence, and members of The Community that’s sole purpose was to mislead people about my intentions, my abilities, and my future using misinformation and technology. 

This Technology included a Mobile App that shows my location, personal footage that should not be made public and an audio stream from Neuralink that shares my thoughts with people throughout the world. They’ve been using this method to steal and sell my ideas and information I come up with using over-analyzation skills.

Leading with Westminster Basketball, Military Recruiters of Westminster, & Westminster PD’s “Military of Westminster” who’ve turned other local High Schools into Extortion Clubs which they call Militaries (Example: “Garden Grove Military”). They watch my Laptop, Phone Screen, and Listen to my thoughts and have been helping The Pyramid People hold me back in life while using the Neura-Star Link Phone to taunt me 24/7 by informing me of all of the sexual activity that the kids from my program were having with the people who were robbing me.

Every time I talked or thought about a kid, Tai Do had a member of his club (which he handpicked from my program and Westminster PD helped him take) and CJ sent someone from Westminster Basketball either add them to a group chat where they killed my influence and were sexualized so they could “Sell their Soul” by giving a blowjob to Tai Do or CJ. Tai Do offers them a chance to be successful in life and CJ offers the the opportunity to not “fall off” which can be taken as not dying or not being popular. In the group chats, they talk trash about me frequently to kill the image people have of me daily. They take people directly from my followers on Instagram and Snapchat as they do not want me to have any relationships with anyone.

I lost my opportunity to communicate with and keep the players I had in my program as they had a pile of lies stacked on top of my reputation that I had built over the past 11 years of being in the area volunteering, training, and coaching. I had just put everything together and was about to take my business “The Ballaxy Club” to another level with Website Design, Photography & Videography Companies attached to it. They stole or are stealing the design of my company, my business growth style (that they learned from hacking me) and are giving it out to everyone for free.

They also took my entire style that they said I wasn’t allowed to have and promote it to the kids themselves. They said I wasn’t allowed to make the kids smarter, or help them succeed in life. So they tell them that I’m a pedophile (11 years, no incidents at all) and they need to stay away from me. They use multiple kids or have parents that talk to their parents and convince them that I’m not safe to be around and put me in a situation where I would have to say something foul and would end the conversation immediately. For example, if I contact someone, they contact them on the other end and say, “he only wants to you to s*** his d***”” and I can’t really respond with a response to that because, I can’t start a sexual conversation with a kid that i want to recruit for basketball or talent agency I’m trying to build. If it’s someone that I know personally already group up together and tell them to do something throughout our conversations and interaction that disagree with my thought process and is meant to drive me crazy and I just don’t deal with them anymore.

Their plan is to “X me out of life” like the episode of black mirror. As Neuralink says they are going to sexualize and steal every kid I try to work with. This is a group of people being paid by or waiting to invest in Neuralink. It began as a group of Asians that made a pact to never tell on each other since they gave me truth serum and poisoned me for watching Asian porn. They began contacting anyone I worked with about 5 years ago telling them. At the time I was also recovering from Complex PTSD that was a result of not only in incident but, me screaming into my pillow so loud it felt as though my mind was ripping and what Neuralink called one of the worse depressions ever that caused me to be filled with hatred which I believed played a huge role in where my mind was at the time.

I searched for a way to cure my hatred which lead me to church. Once I started going to church, they had Starbucks (where I was a paying customer) put a large amount of truth serum in my drink, I let out a bunch of information that I learned from studying and figuring out how the world really works with interest in Secret Societies, People’s Mindsets, and almost everything I had stored in their since I stopped talking to people outside of my Basketball Club for the past 5 years. I was able to see through a lot of things due to my mind being Soulwashed by my experiences, books, influence throughout my life.

I didn’t realize this was truth serum at the time. But, I knew I was spitting out a lot of information at the same time I was working on a cure for my hatred issue. I checked myself into an LAC Mental Health Facility and then a UCI mental Health Facility after I just slept I felt I needed a little more assistance. I told them that I thought someone was in my phone controlling my responses as someone had taken control of my life and turned my responses into a reward system as though they were trying to train me. I also told them I thought Starbucks was poisoning me. They diagnosed me with psychosis and gave me meds. At this point I lost my urges to watch watch porn completely.

I went almost a year without going to a porn website but, I the people that hacked me didn’t want that for me and started giving me Viagra and Bluechew to bring everything out of me. I thought the hackers were the FBI but, I also had a task force of Police Officers (Westminster, Garden Grove, and more), Secret Service (who claimed to be protecting me), and The CIA (Neuralink) investigating me at the same time that I was being robbed by people from The Pyramid.

They took everything I had as far as training style, trade secrets, training videos for my upcoming online courses, and gave it away for free.I saw it going on but, wasn’t 100% sure what was going on as I had attacks coming from every direction.

At this time, the audio is still being used to steal my thoughts and help hold me hostage. Since I’ve been complaining about it in public, they’ve done a lot to hide the transmissions.

Update: If you were involved, don’t let it bother you too much. My mind has gotten so much stronger being able to Level Up through things every experience. That’s why I’m the Monkey with the Mohawk.


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