The Story: Chapter 1, Part 2

After the truth serum, I couldn’t help but let out what was going on in my head. Crazy fact about this was I was already talking out loud to myself uncontrollably at some point. I swear, the scream into the pillow that I spoke about in the last section did a number on my mind. I was was in the recover stage at the time my life was invaded by not only Law Enforcement but, “competitors”, and different people looking to see me fail or succeed in my goal of growing Ballaxy is be a Global Basketball Brand as I planned.

As I continued to intake truth serum and other substances put in my food at places that I frequented, I continued to speak my opinions on life as a very enlighten person. My views were shared by people that were in a group allowed to watch my computer and phone screen. That group started to grow as I started noticing a change in people that I communicated with on and off line.

After noticing someone shadowing me whenever I went to Starbucks to work on my websites, I realized my freedom wasn’t free anymore. They hacked my phone to give me orders of how to live my life through spy tactics that I’m not supposed to expose. My incoming and outgoing text messages were being released based on me doing what they wanted me to do first as if I were being trained. I didn’t like it at all as it was used throughout this experience to help drive me crazy.

I was being watched and everything that I studied or thought about was being exposed as I was being looked at for being amongst other things, magical as my vision had been soulwashed in a style that could help give the government or any businessman a huge advantage over their competition. I let this information out during a phase where the truth serum had me confessing uncontrollably through my phone’s microphone.

One night, I received a message telling me to not talk out loud as they were able to communicate with me through my mind. I originally assumed that it was the company Neuralink, I later found out that I was correct. After posting that I was in need of assistance as I was being held hostage by Elon’s Company, he decided to target me and my business, which is a large reason why ITR is a thing.


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