The Story: Chapter 1, Part 1

Going back in time a bit, I went through a traumatic event that kinda changed my life. I was hit by clinical depression (and other things) that stopped me from being able to work or focus on anything important in my life. I focused on studying about the mind to help get myself out of my situation. I watched a lot of Ted Talks and damn near engrained my mind with hardcore psychology books. This not only gave me the ability to focus on and understand every detail of my psychology but, combined with all of the studying I did on business, I was able to see through almost any manipulative strategy being used by and against our country.

So when someone give me truth serum, I let out an array of information that pissed a lot of people off. The truth serum didn’t necessarily make me tell the truth but it brought thoughts to the front of my mind and gave me a headache if I didn’t let them out. On top of that, my mind was masked with the thought process that I had from all of the depression reading that soulwashed me into a completely new way of thinking, and the frustrations of no one understanding what I was going through and constantly making my mental state worse made me one of the angriest people in the world. So, when I spoke, I spoke viciously. I spoke about people’s mindsets or lack of in public and personal situations. Also, of the business strategies of large companies that didn’t necessarily agree with the way the world was supposed to work. During this time, my phone was hacked and everything I was saying was being shared all over the place.

Soon after I realized that my surroundings were changing. I noticed I couldn’t go anywhere without being stalked. I was at a park giving a free basketball session to a player that I coached in middle school who was a part of my free HS basketball program which not only focused on promoting their basketball career but business building and couldn’t help but notice that I was being watched by people in the area and recorded by someone in a car down the street. I wasn’t as sure about the guy down the street so, what I did was, I had the kid I was training go for a run. I told him to fall when were were parallel to the car and as I extended my to help him up, I was able to confirm the guy with the camera.

I went out to eat Pho with one of my former players like I had done on many occasions, I noticed a car in the parking lot next to the restaurant  with two people in it  that didn’t look like they knew where they were. When they saw me, they began preparing to exit the vehicle to come inside. I sat down with the person I was meeting and we basically discussed life. The two people from the car entered and sat behind us. What gave away their involvement with surveying me was that they sat on the same side of the table on what was supposed to appear to be a date. Since that’s not normally how people sit when they eat together, it was a little suspicious. I kept watching and noticed they were watching and pointing at me through the reflection in the mirror. After they realized I noticed them, we finished eating and left the restaurant. I was followed into a convenience store as well, I tried to tell myself maybe it wasn’t happening as I went home for the night.


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