My prior experiences explained in the last section of this chapter put me in a situation where I felt like my mind was filled with not only a bunch of ideas and new concepts, but a battle of positivity (good) and larger amounts of negativity (evil). For the longest I kept it to myself as it was extremely hard to function while working or doing anything else that required me to focus (Checkout my piece on ADHD). I started telling people what was going on in my mind and the info got to the wrong person. Next thing you know, I was given Truth Serum by Tai Do and found myself letting out everything that was on my mind.

Just so you know, truth serum doesn’t necessarily make you tell the truth. It takes whatever is on your mind and makes you spit it out or you have to deal with a gruesome headache. When I was given the serum I wasn’t myself at the time as I had been soul-washed in hardcore psychology that combined with anger filtered my thought out in some of the most hurtful ways. At the same time, my phone was hacked phone and a lot of people heard everything word that was coming out of my mouth. I said things that enlightened people, things that hurt people, and a lot more, such as information about my business, skills, future plans, and I even said I felt like I may be psychic because of predictions I made coming to life.

The truth serum altered my mind state to the point where I didn’t know who I was. I put myself in a mental facility over night 2 nights in a row in hopes that I would get better. At the same time, I thought maybe my phone might be hacked but it was a possibility I was just trippin. Using situational awareness, I was able to notice everyone responding to the things I was saying with my phone around and just notice people’s facial expressions that were being made that kinda hinted people knew what was I was into.


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