What started as the countdown to end of the world might only be the end of my life and the beginning of the end of civilization as we know it. For the past year and a half I’ve had this going on a part of a show called The Afterlife Show. It was a show geared at showing people in the afterlife how the world was going to end and why I knew and didn’t tell anyone. I recommend reading through that when you get a chance.

We’ve been through a few different variations of what the next step in life after this one would be. I’ve been led by the guidance of different people including The Gods from multiple Universes and this one. I’ve also had the Neuralink’s advanced technology of Open AI which supports the Neura-Star Link Phone circulated by Starlink. Check out the image below to see a diagram of how this works. 

Here's a diagram of most of Elon's companies. He dips his hat in 
other ventures but, that information isn't available to everyone.

As of right now, they’reconnecting other people to it as they claim. For the first year, it was only me as my thoughts were being stolen and used to help educated others. Not realizing it right away, I had been enslaved. The other’s that are being added to this system are slaves as well. Some know that the implant is there and some don’t. But, we’re able to communicate with each other through our thoughts. The problem with this is, the Open AI system that they call, “The Community of Wodahaws” that delivers messages between people don’t always give the entire story. The setting have been altered to benefit the motive of the controller (programmer).

They use this system to make people believe they are authority figures such as Law Enforcement, Military, Gods, Neuralink or other characters that fit the narrative and convince them to join clubs which are apart of the pre-slavery stage.

or The Story


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