Disclaimer: I didn’t agree to participate in any of this. They are manipulating words to control the narrative. The people doing this have a lot of kids on their side them are helping them shape this situation to put me in a negative light. Neuralink is playing a game where they have people going against me publicly every time I don’t do what they say.

This has been going on for about 3 years. Westminster City Government (people are being manipulated into thinking i’m talking about “The Community” when I say the city), FBI, Military, have been doing everything they could to drive me crazy. There’s a big pedophile and youth sex trend that was started by the “authorities” sending kids videos of me jacking off to stimulate them. They used space creatures to see what the the kids were thinking and used that to get everything started. They’ve had Neuralink installed in me  the whole time and are using it to force me to listen to announcements of everyone’s sexual activity.

They staged this situation where the local HS coach gets to “dominate me” by having sex with my former basketball players. I’ve been being held back by almost everyone the whole time. At some point law enforcement were all tried to help me but it was mostly being done at the same time. They were also having their minds read and were being tricked into going against each other as well as me. But, I to be honest, I did piss off a lot of them in the beginning. They didn’t like me that I jacked off and what I thought about.

This whole thing was about Elon & Tai Do taking my team and everything I had from me. Then they got a lot of others in on it as the drove me crazy and used books like The 48 Laws of Power and 33 Strategies of war to manipulate people into turning on me. Once people realized they were manipulated they didn’t want people to know or to not be involved with the sex parties which are included in their club benefits. Their club is about sabotaging my life and covering it up.

They were blaming everything that the departments have done on CJ so he could get “Street credit”. I said I wasn’t going to focus on him because, he wasn’t as much involved as I thought. So now they are having him have sex with kids and rubbing it in my face thought notifications all day.

I’m in Texas right now and have’t been able to get away from what they have going on in my head. This is MK Ultra feat. Neuralink. They were covering up giving me truth serum and destroying my life by lying to people and telling them I’m a fraud and was sucking my player’s dicks. I have not done that at all. But, they have been telling people that that’s all I do while they actually do it. This entire things has been everyone else having pedo relations and blaming me for it.

They’ve been holding me back from even communicating with people as they told parents I was a danger to their kids to keep them away from me and recruited the kids to join a sex club. Then the kid gets his dick sucked or sucks a dick themselves and are told they can’t do anything with me anymore. I was supposed to start my own sex club with kids in it as that’s what they thought my company “The Ballaxy Club” was. But, that was never my intention as I love coaching basketball and had built a business that was about to take off.

The FBI & CIA have been doing almost everything and giving others credit for it. They were playing a game they contacted everyone that I talked to and a bunch of my followers and got them involved as well. They gave me a time limit to publicly ask them to suck their dicks or I would lose them. They are taking damn near everyone I talk to because, they just didn’t want me to “look like a god” because all of the kids wanted me at the beginning of this (I was the one in the footage they passed around).

They also use this as an opportunity to embarrass me every time they could. They told everyone in group chats every time I would jack off or think of anything sexual and punished me for jacking off. They said, “if you get to jack off to thoughts of young people”, we get to actually have sex with them and started what was a sex slavery ring. But, they have since then promised kids money, success, and lots of sex to be quiet.

They are also stealing all of the money that I should be owed by the companies they had employees in give me truth serum and poison. They set it up with the employees and then went to corporate offices to ask for a payout. Then they put the money in an account and are paying people that helped them cover this up. They said they don’t want me to have funds or be around Asian people because, Elon Musk said this is what he wants for me speaking out about him and Neuralink holding me hostage.

They tricked everyone that was going to benefit from my success into turning on me. They are “killing my soul” as they say by having all of the people I was loyal to involved sexually with people that were helping destroy my life. This is apart of Neuralink’s game that they talked about in their last article. I’m being killed because, I couldn’t get people to be loyal to me.

When this began, they told me I had to be a pedophile or I would die and gave me bluechew to help me get there. I said I didn’t want to manipulate kids into letting me give them oral sex. I didn’t know some of them wanted this.

They said if I come out as a pedophile or gay on Instagram I could go free. But, if I was a pedophile, I couldn’t have any money from what I’ve been through. Doesn’t make since thought as the people being paid out are actually with kids. I’m really just being robbed.

They just said I can’t have funds if I don’t stop telling people what they are doing to me. Also, they want me to mention kids really bad.Whomever I don’t mention starts doing things to make me mention them. They’ve been having kids go around and suck other kid’s and adults dicks to stop them from talking to me or helping me up outta this situation.  

But, they are using a lot of different tricks to stop people from talking to me. It’s hard to actually run it right now with all of the games being played. They are planning on killing any “pedophile Gods” (adults who’ve been with any kids) and “pedophile kids” (some were going to be sold into slavery) involve at the end of this. I’ve been trying to save everyone from the whole slavery thing for a while .


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