First off, what’s a Crossover Business? A crossover business is a term I use to describe your business having an additional service or business that helps the primary business enter a new field. For example, let’s say you have a gym business that wants to get into the spa/therapy field so you open up one of the rooms you have in your facility and purchase a massage bed or cryo-therapy machine. You could use this crossover business to generate an additional income or provide as an added benefit for customers/members. If you want it to be successful on it’s own, you’re gonna have to charge additionally at some point though.

With an income being generated by your crossover business, you can grow that into something sustainable that can life a life of it’s own outside of your primary business. Some really good examples of this are Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon. Elon Musk has also copied their style by doing this with his companies Neuralink and Starlink and They’ve built a phone system through their microchip that is communicated through their Starlink Satellites. I’m currently being used as an unwilling test subject and being robbed for knowledge and more. Click Here for more info.

A crossover business is legal but,there is a possibility that you can go to far. For antitrust reasons, you’re not allowed to have too many crossover businesses because, they can give you too big of an advantage over government and people. For example, Elon’s company Normally, if you have one, you’re investigated and have to go to court. In my situation, my websites were hacked and I was just told that I wasn’t allowed to have it. Want the entire story, check it out here.


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