While I was trying to figure out how to title my website, I considered so many factors. One of the main ones was, how to make it sound official but, not too cocky because, I’m not famous. Then I realized, no matter what, It’s MY OFFICIAL WEBSITE. No matter what, I’m still me and I still need a place to to call my online home.

As the world moves all of their transactions and interaction online, more people are moving their entire lives online. And, if you in the business of making smart decisions, you’ll start moving your life online as well.

DerrionGibson.com is my online real-estate. Soon, when you type Derrion Gibson into the search engine on google, this is what will come up. It’s going to be the best place to find out information about me because, I’ll be posting a lot more in the way of Blogs, Quotes, Youtube Videos, and Instagram Posts. Having my own website is like having a directory (Yelp) for my life.

I recommend everyone that is preparing for the future make the investment in online real-estate, beginning with your own Official Website. Check here to see what how I build websites.

-Derrion Gibson


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