48 Laws of Power: Law 1 Never outshine the master.

Everyone is talented in some way. I’m not saying everyone is the best at what they do, we all have a skill that we are better than someone else in. Just know that there aren’t always people out there that want to know that you’re better than them.

Law 1 is titled, “Never outshine the master” because, someone who is in a position that is higher than yours does not want to know that you are possibly better than them at what they do. They become self conscious and will sometimes do whatever they can to sabotage your efforts to be good at what you do.

Good examples for kids and young adults would be, going to school, being on an athletic team or going to a new job and knowing more about a class or team discussion than the teacher, a teammate, or coworker that’s been there longer, or having the answer to something your coach is explaining and being able to articulate it better than they do.

Know who you’re dealing with in all situations as some people don’t have the mental capacity to endure people who they feel are inferior to them knowing more than they do.

One thing I do when I learn information like this is to make sure I understand the people around me not understanding their own psychology. Some people don’t even understand that they are envious and just don’t want to be show up by people they feel superior to.

I hope this helps you in life…. 

To learn in more detail, I suggest checking out Robert Green’s 48 Laws of Power yourself.

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