Our minds are currently under the attack of mass mind manipulation as Neuralink’s MK Ultra is being applied to more and more people every day. They tell me the recent count is around 600 people. This count includes military personnel, law enforcement, civilians, people of influence, and politicians. Everyone’s being confused in order to put Elon Musk and his company Neuralink at the top of the world.

This began with Elon not wanting to go down for a slavery charge. He decided that he would rather take over the world. Using Advanced Technology, they are capable of putting an AI system inside of you that communicates with you through your mind. The communications can be projected inside or outside of your head and can communicate very well as Open AI‘s characters. The characters include people like, God, The Devil, Demons, Illuminati Yodelha Club, Yodelha Illuminati Club, Udita Club or a variety of others.

They offer you an opportunity and help guide you there. The problem is, sometimes, you’ll have multiple characters rotating through and they give you different options. Most people are not aware that they are suppose to chose an option and stick with that character. The are told to do so many different tasks that contradict with each other and can have life changing results that will drive a person crazy. This psychological phase that person will exhibit is what I like to call, Neuralink Induced Psychosis. It’s where the effects of Neuralink Technology causes you to be dissociated from reality in the direction of Neuralink’s choosing.

This has kinda confused the world domination strategy as people were intended to remain sane. If you stick to one character’s mission, you’ll end up in the direction they pointed you in they themselves survive their fall from grace. There’s communities of people being turned into mindless zombies or corrupt citizens to to help turn the people of this world into a society of chaos like in the move “Kingsman: Secret Service” where the bad guy uses satellites and other advanced technological methods in an attempt to take over the world.


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