I’ve been mistaken for a lot of things that range from flattering to scary, from evil to genius at times. I don’t let any of the negative assumptions bother me as I have been able block them out and only focus on what promotes success in my life. The assumption that I don’t really focus on is genius. I don’t feel like like I am one of the smartest people in the world as I only have knowledge in certain areas. But, I feel like you’re supposed to master the areas that you do have knowledge in.

While gaining mastery in a subject is beneficial to your success, it is not wise to share the knowledge publicly. When you do that, you’re showing others that you are willing to the extra mile to learn while they may not. A lot of people that aren’t willing to go the extra mile to learn. But, will be willing to go the extra 1/2 mile to destroy what you have and steal it from you.

When you have knowledge, try your hardest to keep it private. Only show what others are willing to learn. Hide what makes your excel to maintain your advantage.


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